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SuccessTSM is a software company which provides solutions for your disaster management in an intelligent and cost-effective manner that you never would have thought possible. SuccessTSM was founded to assist companies in reducing time and staffing needed to meet their disaster recovery plan RTO's. We help you to maintain, improve, and streamline your business continuity and overall diligence in the face of a natural or man-made disaster. SuccessTSM is also committed to help you reduce the costs your company faces with respect to your TSM related RTO that is associated with disaster recovery, testing, and drills.

The SuccessTSM product line was developed to provide low cost, automated, and flexible solutions for the challenges your company faces with disaster recovery management. The SuccessTSM support engineers and technical staffing provide an unmatched level of experience and professionalism in disaster recovery management. Click on the profile sidebar column to learn more about each of us.

SuccessTSM believes in handling all of your data with

Integrity, Professionalism and Sensitivity.

Mission Statement

Integrity – SuccessTSM will strive to maintain the highest level of care with respect to all of your information.

Professionalism – All of the SuccessTSM engineering and technical team will meet the highest level of professionalism.

Sensitivity – SuccessTSM will focus on supporting the ethical treatment of all your information as sensitive in nature, even when that information is not proprietary in nature.

Rick Bailey – Chief Executive Officer

Rick Bailey the founder and primary software developer of the SuccessTSM product line, He brings 22 years of development, engineering and data recovery experience to this organization. Rick has worked directly with the TSM product for 12 years and has designed and implemented more than 150 TSM infrastructures for mid-size to large enterprise companies. Rick's leadership skills and experience have directly changed the mind-set of how companies view the Disaster Recovery process. Viewed by his peers as a TSM expert, Rick has been called upon throughout his career to troubleshoot difficult or unusual situations. . He has been in many leadership and management rolls from large scale Data Centers to smaller streamline data centers. These experiences have given Rick the ability to understand the issues companies face in today's uncertain times. Rick formed SuccessTSM as an organization that has created a product line that complements the TSM product and will streamline the disaster recovery process.

Stuart Pollack – Chief Financial Officer

Stuart Pollack, IRS enrolled agent, has 24 years experience in public accounting and income tax. Stuart graduated from Penn State University with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Accounting. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of Webster Towers Inc., Scranton PA, and Abington Area Girls Softball League, Clarks Summit PA. In addition, he serves as the Treasurer of Abington Area Girls Softball League. Stuart currently manages two accounting offices in Clarks Summit and Taylor PA, and for many years has educated interns from Keystone College, La Plume PA.

Rich Palmeri – Chief Information Officer

Rich Palmeri has over 15 years experience in the Information Technology field. In that time he has had leadership roles with the planning, design and implementation of Enterprise Backup and recovery environments as well as maintaining security standards. Rich has extensive experience in disaster recovery for these environments which have included various Operating systems and Backup/recovery applications. He has worked in several industries some of which are Financial services, Healthcare, Insurance, Retail, Media and E-commerce. His project management skills and ability to effectively lead people toward a common goal and successful completion of complex projects, have given him the ability to identify, understand and immediately react to issues companies face during the development and support phases of a product line.

Alex Jones – Chief Development Officer

Alex Jones has been in the Information Technology industry for over 20 years with experience in hardware and software maintenance and development, data center and demo center management, solution design and support. He most recently lead a deep technical support delivery team for Tivoli Storage Manager in the consulting division of a very large corporation. Alex is a creative problem solver and serious technical contributor who is up for any challenge. Bring it on!

Steve Lubahn – Sales Manager

Steve Lubahn has been involved with the Information Technology and Telecommunications Industries for over 20 years. He has worked with Enterprise Corporations and Government, Health Care,  Education, Manufacturing, and Financial Sectors in the design, implementation and support of business technologies.  These included  Data Infrastructure, IP Telephony, IP local and international networks, operating  systems, and network and security applications. He insures end to end satisfaction.

Cuc "Cookie" Nguyen – Development Manager

Cuc "Cookie" Nguyen has spent most of her career working for multi-national companies in IT related fields. Her experiences range from applications programming to security administration, to technical support, to storage management. Her wide ranging technical expertise and leadership skills are matched by her ability to excel across many platforms, from the mainframe and supercomputing to the distributed environment. Cookie’s experience with TSM pre dates its GA date. In her recent role as an IT architect, Cookie develops cost effective data availability and recovery solutions to satisfy customers’ business requirements. Cookie is The Open Group’s Master Certified IT Specialist and a Tivoli Storage Manager Administrator certified.

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