Frequently Asked Questions

What is MBSR?

MBSR (Maggie Bare Server Restore) is the first “Bare Metal” product of its kind introduced for TSM. MBSR rebuilds and maintains a production TSM Server before a disaster occurs. You will have a fully functional production TSM Server up and ready to restore critical client data in a fraction of time it takes by today’s standards.

Do I need to have the same hardware at my DR site as our production data center?

No, with MBSR you do not need the same hardware. You can use any system that meets the TSM minimal hardware requirements. If you have a server with no hard drives or even just a laptop, you can use MBSR.

Does MBSR use tapes like LTO or DLT to restore the TSM Server?

MBSR uses USB SATA hard drives, with a preconfigured OS and working copy of your TSM Production Server. The drives have been engineered to fit into the same cases that LTO Tapes fit into. No need to spend limited budget funds on big bulky drives to store offsite.

What is the difference between a MBSR Server and a MBSR Drive?

The MBSR Server is a rack mountable system. MBSR stores all the information about your TSM Server to have it ready to accept and perform client backups (in production). The MBSR Drives are basically copies of the MBSR Server and will have your TSM Server running in DRM MODE in the time it takes to boot up the system to the drive.

If the MBSR Server is down due to a data center outage or other disaster-related issues, as well as my TSM Server,
can I use the MBSR USB Drive?

Yes, the MBSR USB Drives are separate TSM Server builds based on the last TSM Database backup. You can plug it into any system not affected by an outage and still run client restore and backups.

Is MBSR just another replication product?

No, MBSR does not use replication, or clustering logic. MBSR is designed to minimize the effort and maximize the result to have your TSM Server up and running quickly.

Can MBSR be automated?

Yes, MBSR can be fully automated, and there is no need to spend valuable time and resources to rebuild your production TSM Server.

Does MBSR change or interact with the TSM Client (NODE) data?

No, MBSR does not touch or change the client data stored in TSM at all. It simply uses the information of the TSM Server to have TSM running in no time at all.

How difficult is it to install MBSR in my environment?

MBSR is a fully self-contained automated software product. The initial setup is quick and if you prefer a SuccessTSM expert can do the installation for you.

I have a small TSM Environment, is it possible for us to go tapeless?

Yes, SuccessTSM can customize MBSR to satisfy your expectations.

How can I get more information or purchase MBSR?

Click on the “Contact Us” menu tab, and complete the form. A friendly sales representative will contact you shortly.

Can I request a “Proof of Concept” before making a decision?

Yes, a SuccessTSM Sales Rep can make the arrangements for you. Click on the “Contact Us” menu tab and complete the form.



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