Announcing MBSR

SuccessTSM is proud to introduce Maggie Bare Server Restore "MBSR." "MBSR" is a revolutionary product that has been gone through 5 years of development and testing to meet the needs of companies like yours. It is the only "Bare Metal Restore" product of its kind. "MBSR" will restore a TSM Server along with the data base and all client information to any hardware regardless of the Operating System.

MBSR photo"MBSR" is a self contained software package that creates a backup for the TSM Server(s) in order to protect a client company's database. The software runs in the background and in the case of a power loss, natural disaster or other calamity, your company will be in a better position to restore the information quickly and efficiently which will save countless hours of lost staff time in re-entering critical data.

There are other disk replication products available that do this on a file by file basis. These products require too many additional expenses including an extensive IT knowledge base, they are costly to run, they require a great deal of manual interaction, they require a constant and reliable network connection, and they can be very unstable.

"MBSR" is not simply a replication product. "MBSR" will work with the last database backup for the system and will help eliminate any loss of data due to a variety of TSM system failures. "MBSR" will diagnose and locate problems before they can hinder your data recovery effort or system test by creating a standalone TSM server that is not hardware dependant.

Components of MBSR

  • The Software – an intelligent script that is the heart of the system.
  • The Server – Can be a standalone system or integrated into an existing system. The costs for either solution is inexpensive and runs with very little interaction.
  • The Media – used to get TSM running quickly USB.
  • The Automation – both reliable and consistent.
  • The Compatibility – can be used with various client manager or client restore products.
  • The Support – backed by a team of highly experienced, dedicated engineers and technicians who are committed to help resolve any issues at any time.
  • Customization – "MBSR" can be customized to support any production system.
  • Implementation – "MBSR" is very flexible and can be implemented in a variety of ways to meet your company's specific needs.
  • Plug and Play – "MBSR" will operate from any location no matter where the recovery site is located.


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